Their honor yuncheng county goose hatcheries

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Their honor yuncheng county goose hatcheriesHatching goose seedling、Breeding goose、Goose seedlings goose meat processing and sale is a body comprehensive hatcheries

Their honor yuncheng county goose hatchery is hatching goose seedling、Breeding goose、Goose seedlings for sale is a body comprehensive hatcheries,Hatchery located in ltd.was(In the history《The water margin》 The birthplace of the hero)。Products here、Rich mineral deposits,Waterway、Road traffic is very convenient,South jiangsu xuzhou,The north shandong jinan,Is a piece of the historic city。
       Their honor yuncheng county goose hatcheries use farmers breeding industry+Hatcheries provide breeding technology”The management of the operation mode,Make full use of local geographical environment, A three for an organic whole:For the goose seedling、Technology for teaching you a goose、For a vaccine,And to provide goods goose sales operation plan。
       White geese is,The quality are good,Goose market demand,Huge space for development,Infinite business opportunities。Hatcheries goose seedling limited sales{Only white sticky goose breeds},Hatchery to honesty,A goose seedling after-sale tracking service,Reduces the risk of raising goose....

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