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Q How to choose and buy of microwave power amplifier?
AnswerUsually when the choose and buy of microwave power amplifier,Needed to clear the main technical indicators,The following a few...[In more detail]
Q What are the commonly used formula of microwave power amplifier...
AnswerPin、Pout、G、OIP3、IIP3、IM3Parameters stated below:Pin:The input powerPout...[In more detail]
Nanjing jie electronic co., LTD., established in2008Years,Is one specialized is engaged in the microwave radar instrument product research and development of communication and teaching、Production、Sales and service of high-tech enterprises。The company has many senior r&d engineers,Constant innovation,Adopting new technologies,The new process,The new material progress,New product development for the company provides a good technical conditions,Rapidly promoted the company、The healthy development。 Company main products include microwave power amplifier module,High power amplifier,Pulse power amplifier,Micro...
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Microwave components

Microwave components is to use all kinds of microwave components(At least one is active)And other parts have been assembled... [In more detail]

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