Cixi city Philippines futura spin plastic engineering co., LTD

Cixi city Philippines futura spin plastic engineering co., LTD

The main products:Plastic processing、Plastic products、Plastic containers、Swig sink

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  • Automatic sweeping machine,Hand push sweeping machine shell,Electric sweeping machine shell,To figure processing,Mr Rich rotomolding processing
  • Plastic ice wagon,The Russian winter with sled,Plastic ice drag,106*50*20,3.5KGBlack chrome,FFL-BTD-01
  • New type of multi-functional animal husbandry and water trough Heat preservation water tank Cattle and sheep Drinking fountains
  • The cow water trough Cow drink water tank in winter Futura cow drink water tank Constant temperature water fountain
  • Mr Rich rotomolding electric car shell、The electric tricycle plastic shell、Plastic shell processing The factory It can customize to figure
  • Plastic water tank Not rich Plastic factory
  • Plastic containers Dyeing barrel A large number of sale Not richLLDPE
  • LLDPEFutura factory price Dyeing barrel
  • Plastic floating ball diameter500mmFloating ball—Water roll plastic floating body Superior product not richLLDPE
  • Special shape plastic products Can be processed The factory
  • FFL-3To provideOEMPlastic processing Professional plastic fe futura factory
  • Not richLLDPEThe pig slot material barrel Plastic bucket The feed hopper Trough
  • Drugs vaccine incubator GSP Real-time display Temperature and humidity transfinite alarm Medical cooler Reagents not richLLDPE
  • PlasticLEDThe spherical light,LEDSeven colourful ball lights,Fe rich rotomolding lampshade
  • Plastic lamp shade Processed products Not richLLDPE Environmental protection material
  • Engaged in rolling SuChang custom bumper、Wade throat、The pedals、Before and after the bar、peImpact resistance
  • Large plastic water tank Large amount of the price To order Not richLLDPE
  • Industry and trade integration Plastic barrels of sugar Square sugar container
  • Not richFFL-DZ Plastic processing products A stretcher
  • Futura industry and trade integration,Add the medicine cabinet,Plastic box processing
  • Liquid medicine cabinet,Cixi medicine cabinet,To figure processing,Joint research and development,FFL-JYX-15
  • Environmental protection floating ball Drain the float Plastic processing FFL-FQ-22
  • Warning buoy Block slag buoy Plastic processing FFL-FT-01
  • Sea fishing incubator Portable incubator Plastic processing FFL-BWX-07
  • Ningbo incubator Medicine incubator Plastic processing FFL-BWX-08
  • The stable Calf bar The size is complete Plastic FFL-DND-06
  • Sheep hoof tub Wash the footbath sheep Sheep foot basin of disinfection 1080*500*190mm FFL-YTYP-00
  • A variety of heterosexual shell Plastic speakers Speaker shell Rotomolding custom processing FFL-YX-01
  • Speakers Speaker enclosure Plastic processing customization FFL-YX-00
  • Sewage drainage pipe connection The pipeline interface Rotomolding customization FFL-WSJ-03
  • Sewage treatment equipment The integration of sewage treatment Rotomolding customization OEM FFL-WSTST-03
  • Water trough swig sink Sheep with a water trough Cow drink water 2.2M3Hole4Hole Not rich
  • The water trough1.1M small swig sink water trough
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Cixi city Philippines futura spin plastic engineering co., LTD

Not rich(FEELFREE)Plastic enterprises including China:“Fe futura spin plastic engineering co., LTD”With“Fe futura canoeing manufacturing co., LTD”。One of them“Futura spiral model”The hollow plastic products manufacturing,At present in China,Is to have20Years of large experience、Sticklebacks, plastic products manufacturing plant。“Futura canoeing”Professional plastic kayak is at present in China、Canoes and other water sports products manufacturers。Fe rich rotomolding enterprises have more than20Years of professional experience in manufacturing plastic products,Company's products90%Export sales,The main customer base for Australia,France,The United Kingdom,Denmark,Norway,The United States、Canada、Japan, etc;In the international market has a broad popularity。Company more international brands have good cooperation with the international market,And with the United States、Thailand brothers unit has been cooperation hand in hand,To maintain the brand image of joint efforts.

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Address:Zhejiang Ningbo Cixi city View the town of triton brake puxi road five hole154Number A mobile phone:13429374545

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