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    Tianjin taixing chemical co., LTD., founded in 1990,The company is located the bohai rim region economic center in China——Tianjin,Neibouring tianjin xingang、Binhai international airport,North China and northwest regions,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。
    The company after nearly two decades of construction and development,Has now developed into a development、Production、Sales、Warehousing、Transportation of an integrated chemical enterprise,With sound and perfect sales network。The company produces...
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· Taixing chemical formally adoptedISO9001The quality of tube... 2014-8-29
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Dibasic alcohol
Diethylene glycol    Ethylene glycol    Propylene glycol   
Trimethylolpropane    Polyether polyol   
Fatty acids
Stearic acid    Lauric acid    Castor oil    Plant oleic acid   
Animal oleic acid   
Fatty alcohols
He has    ABS   
The ethanol amine    Triethanolamine   
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The phone:+86 (0)22 24180761 Pass The true:+86 (0)22 24180762 The company address:Tianjin dong li immaculate 10, China merchants tower bridge streetBArea2410The room Zip code:300161
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