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Jia zhaoye marriott hotelHilton garden hotel
Intercontinental hotelHangzhou lakeside estate hotelChina railway hong hydrogen building
Renaissance harbour view hotelPoly crowne plaza

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Activists have what hotel?
Activists have what hotel?
We talked in the previous article furniture hotel furniture including solid loading and activity,Today China is era hotel furniture under the small make up take you to understand,Specific activities of the hotel furniture, including which products...
Hotel furniture manufacturer to carry out the screening method of potential safety concerns
Hotel furniture manufacturer to carry out the screening method of potential safety concerns
As a senior hotel furniture manufacturing industry manufacturers,We have been strictly abide by the provisions of the relevant departments,Factory production situation changes constantly,Eliminate hidden dangers,Cooperate with each department check...
New Chinese style leisure sofa of hotel furniture item
New Chinese style leisure sofa of hotel furniture item
The product name:New Chinese style recreational sofa manufacturers:Shenzhen hua shang era furniture co., LTD. Project of belonging:Kang Shun club put the position:The hotel lobby、Suite、Reception room...
Hotel suite furniture manufacturer to hold inventory of products?
There are often customers call seek advice to our factory to product,There are many customers ask,Send some pictures to come over,China is still the hotel furniture factory sales colleagues will send to customer some cases,...
Hotel furniture generally include which item?
Generally includes the hotel guest room furniture hotel furniture,The hotel living room furniture,Hotel restaurant furniture,Hotel solid furniture、The public space of furniture,Conference furniture, etc。Also can be directly into active furniture...
Hotel furniture4A common problem
1、Cane to make furniture or bamboo hotel furniture with long meeting scale,Salt water scrub,Can decontamination,And make its soft pine has toughness。2、In the post of fire prevention board to make tea tea set on the table...
Hotel furniture way of purchasing,Do you know?
Hotel furniture,Is the hotel project,Hotel project with indoor environment design of supporting design,It is necessary to take into account directly indoor function and environmental harmony。In addition,According to the star...
How the hotel guest room furniture moistureproof in spring and summer?
Why the big five-star furniture USES more than 10 years experience is long cover is new?Why the furniture to your home in a year or two as if they were more than a decade?New furniture is actually by raising!More to spring\/summer rainy season...
How sharply wooden hotel furniture to maintenance
Sharply wood(African zebra wood)The change of furniture maintain mainly depends on air humidity,Better furniture in the design of the time with a telescopic gap,Such as the most obvious desktop,Should be...
How to see feng shui villa?
For buying house plan and the people are choosing housing,Know in advance to buy building feng shui considerations related content is very necessary。And buy a building in villas geomancy taboo...
How to choose the furniture of environmental protection?
What kind of furniture is environmental protection?To furniture of environmental protection monitoring standards at present,Refers to the environmental protection standard of formaldehyde to release a limited level,Mainly have two kinds of international standards and domestic standards...

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